Hidra Kft. hidraulika berendezések, tápegységek

About us

Hidra Kft.

represents several well-known  European hydraulic element manufacturing companies in Hungary, thus ensuring continuous high quality for its customers. With us, you can have planning, production and spare parts supply under one roof.

The continuous monitoring of our supplier partners, our company's constant pursuit of development, and the regular training of our colleagues ensure that Hidra Kft. always provides the maximum for its customers.

Thanks to our knowledge acquired over more than three decades and our extensive network of partners, we can respond quickly not only to servicing but also to individual production needs.

Our philosophy

In addition to a constant desire to improve and to monitor industrial innovations, it is important that a machine, with proper maintenance, operates stably and for a long time without the need for service. Machines and systems designed and manufactured by us, in addition to innovations, are characterized by cleanliness and reliability.

Our goal

One of the goals of our company is that with our help, our customers can minimize production loss due to downtime. We know and understand the importance of every minute in production. Our customers save time and money with us.

Have a question? Would you like an offer? Reach us on the following contacts:

Gábor Kun
Head of sales

Email: kun.gabor@hidrakft.hu

Central address

Email: iroda@hidrakft.hu