Hidraulikus tápegység javítás és felújítás

Hydraulic power pack repair and refurbish

We repair hydraulic power units of any size and complexity!

If possible, our colleagues will fix the problem on the spot, so your machine can continue to produce with as little downtime as possible. If we cannot repair it on site, or if our customer requests a complete renovation, we will take it to our workshop to disassemble it and start the work.

We always provide quality service

  • Hidra not only repairs your power supply on site, but also makes recommendations for its development or rebuilding to increase its reliability and efficiency
  • Hidra is in contact with the largest manufacturers, thus ensuring its customers always high-quality and fast supply of spare parts
  • If required, we will schedule the repair and renovation works during the planned downtime of your plant
  • In addition to power supplies, we also carry out complete machine renovations according to the customer's needs

For further information on hydraulic power supply repair and renovation or to request a quote, please contact our colleagues between 07:00 and 15:00 at the telephone numbers below or send us an email at iroda@hidrakft.hu at any time of the day.

Have a question? Would you like an offer? Reach us on the following contacts:

Gábor Kun
Head of sales

Email: kun.gabor@hidrakft.hu

Central address

Email: iroda@hidrakft.hu