Hidraulikus tápegység gyártás

Hydraulic power pack production

We design, manufacture and install hydraulic power packs, in each case tailored to the customer's needs. From planning to turnkey handover, you can have the task under one roof with us. We make power supplies from steel, aluminum or stainless steel containers. In terms of size, from the smallest unit up to a 2000 liter power supply unit. We regularly produce units over 1,000 liters, so we are at home in larger systems as well.

Properties of hydraulic power packs manufactured by us:

  • solutions tailored to customer needs
  • up to 350 bar operating pressure
  • 5 - 2,000 liter tank volume
  • ready assembled, tested, installed if required
  • up to 55kW
  • with complete control
  • with technical documentation

Areas of use of hydraulic power pack:

  • hydraulic edge bending machines
  • hydraulic lift
  • machine tools
  • hydraulic press
  • injection molding machines
  • hydraulic log splitters
  • hydraulic baling machines
  • hydraulic briquette press
  • moving simulators
  • crop and manure carrying structures
  • special lifting equipment
  • mining machinery
  • vulcanizing presses
  • moving depalletizer and hook tracks
  • tearing and cutting machines
  • all areas of use where a small structural size is required in addition to high strength

For more information on hydraulic power supply production or to request a quote, please contact our colleagues between 07:00 and 15:00 at the telephone numbers below or send us an email at iroda@hidrakft.hu at any time of the day.

Have a question? Would you like an offer? Reach us on the following contacts:

Gábor Kun
Head of sales

Email: kun.gabor@hidrakft.hu

Central address

Email: iroda@hidrakft.hu