Oil cleaning, hydraulic system cleaning

Do you throw out hundreds or even thousands of liters of oil every year and buy new ones for your machines instead? Not necessary!

Our company has the latest cleaning technology, which made it possible to clean hydraulic oil that is not irreversibly damaged, but heavily contaminated (water, dirt, metal abrasion, etc.) to such an extent that the oil we treat can exceed the purity parameters of the new hydraulic oil. In practice, this means that the oil purified by our company can reach the highest degree of purity required by proportional technologies, when no particles larger than 1-2 microns are found in the oil. Cleaning results are recorded with a photo and in a laboratory test report. According to individual needs, it is then possible to add special additives to the renewed oil.

In addition, in addition to significant cost savings, your company can also make huge progress in the field of environmental protection, since the generation of this type of hazardous waste can be reduced to almost zero by reusing hydraulic oil.

Oil cleaning with off-line filtration

By installing a branch filter, we can prevent the hydraulic oil from becoming contaminated to such an extent that the need to change the oil may arise. With this technology, we are able to filter out 90% of the particles contaminating the oil, so the life expectancy of our working fluid is multiplied. The tributary filtering we offer is much more effective than what is found on the machines at the factory. In hydraulics, 15-20 micron filtration is common, while modern proportional technology requires 5 micron (or better) filtration.

Machine and hydraulic system cleaning during operation


We filter the dirt circulating in the system with a side-flow hair tied to the machine during operation. This way, we clean the oil and your machine in one step.



  • you don't need to buy a large amount of new oil
  • the cost of filtering is lower than the price of new oil
  • your company/plant can operate much more environmentally conscious
  • by filtering polluting solid particles/substances from the system, there is a much lower chance of failure of working cylinders, wear of pumps and hydraulic motors
  • the service life of pumps, hydraulic motors, valves and thus the machine increases. Downtime is reduced, maintenance costs are reduced!

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