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Hydraulic cylinder repair

We undertake complete renovation of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are the working limbs of hydraulic systems. Worn, unable to exert force, bent or leaking cylinders endanger production and the operational safety of the machine. This is wasted money and time that you cannot afford. If you need to repair or renovate a hydraulic cylinder, you should rely on a company that provides high-quality service and has a reliable service background. Hidra Kft. is exactly such a company!

Hydraulic cylinder repair

  • single or double acting
  • repair/replace/remanufacture all major components
  • piston diameter up to 1000mm or even more (ask for our offer in email)
  • rod diameter up to 800mm or even longer (ask for our offer in email)
  • Pressure test according to ISO 10100 standard, up to 700 bar
  • from qualified raw materials, with a final inspection report
  • or with painting determined by the RAL color scale specified by the customer

All hydraulic cylinders are tested and handed over to our customers!

If your cylinder has been recently renovated and your machine is still not working properly, our repair team can help you on site by inspecting your machine and troubleshooting its hydraulic power supply unit.

For more information on hydraulic cylinder repair and renovation or to request a quote, contact our colleagues between 07:00 and 15:00 at the following telephone numbers or send us an email at at any time of the day.

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