Hidraulikus és gépészeti felújítás

Complete hydraulic and mechanical renovation

We undertake the complete renovation of your old machine!

Keeping the basics of your old machine and strengthening it if necessary, we will refurbish and modernize it. In most cases, the renovation cost is much lower than the cost of a new equipment with similar properties. Renovation also includes the possibility of increasing the performance and capacity of your equipment. As a result, compared to purchasing a new machine, we can count on a much better price/value ratio, but you can have a more efficient machine with the same operational reliability as the new machine.

Our services and benefits associated with us

  • renovation with standard parts that are current, modern and can be replaced at any time
  • we completely replace outdated and uncertain controls with ones that comply with the new regulations
  • our engineers plan the direction of the renovation taking into account the customer's needs
  • the customer receives a turnkey machine
  • you can entrust the task to us from the beginning to the handover
  • complete hydraulic overhaul from the working cylinder to the power unit

For more information about hydraulic and mechanical renovation or to request a quote, contact our colleagues between 07:00 and 15:00 at the following phone numbers or send us an email at iroda@hidrakft.hu at any time of the day.

Have a question? Would you like an offer? Reach us on the following contacts:

Gábor Kun
Head of sales

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